Birdcage Walk

George Woolfe is a young working class East London printmaker in 1900. Frustrated by the constraints of his class and station, he sees an opportunity to escape when he by chance meets Charles Booth, author of one of the most comprehensive social surveys of London ever undertaken. But this apparently auspicious encounter has tragic consequences for George who, within six months, is charged with the murder of a young woman. But did he do it?

Set at the dawning of a new century, when the rigid class and gender boundaries of the Victorian age were soon to shift and realign, Birdcage Walk is a historical novel that vividly brings to life a real-life Edwardian murder and the possible miscarriage of justice that followed it.

“A forbidding place on the softest of summer days, in the bleached bone light of a mid-winter morning, the marshes of Tottenham were desolate. In a signal box on the marshes’ edge, a man on duty for the Great Eastern Railway looked up from the previous day’s newspaper and glanced out the window at the approaching 9.18. A fast goods train from Spitalfields, it travelled north every day and Christmas was no exception. Not two hundred yards away, a woman was hidden in one of the hollows that pitted this strange land. She would certainly have felt the engine’s vibrations, a blurring shudder and hum, if she hadn’t already been nine hours dead.”

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